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Applied Bio-Minerals FAQ

How Do Applied Bio-Minerals Products work?

Applied Bio-Minerals' products target the population of micro-organisms and organized tissues, and restore their vital functions. In naturally occurring populations of micro-organisms, Applied Bio-Minerals' products help favor the development of those microbes beneficial to the user. Since they are solely made of minerals, there is no risk for microbes to develop resistance to the product overtime, unlike antibiotics. Applied Bio-Minerals allows farming without the use of antibiotics. 

How are Applied Bio-Minerals Products Made? 

All Products made by Applied Bio-Minerals are naturally occurring minerals put in solutions and/or suspension in filtered water, through a proprietary technology. Impurities are removed to get a solution that can then be sprayed. All Applied Bio-Minerals Products are easy to use in their liquid format. All minerals used are allowed by modern regulations for use in agriculture and other industrial processes. Applied Bio-Minerals products are highly concentrated. Always use them in dilution. Ask your Applied Bio-Minerals representative.

Are Applied Bio-Minerals product organic ?

Minerals are not products from a farming operation, and cannot be qualified as organic. However, Applied Bio-Minerals' products may be used in organic farming, per your local regulation. Consult with your Organic Authority, and your Applied Bio-Minerals representative. 

Can I choose the usage rate of Applied Bio-Minerals products ?

No. Your Applied Bio-Minerals representative is a professional and will advise you on the usage rate of products per your specific situation, and per your objectives (production quantity, production quality, temporary issues, profitability) and per your objective timeline. Always seek counsel with Applied Bio-Minerals representatives in case of doubts. 

Are Applied Bio-Minerals products compatible with other agricultural fertilizers, feed, plant protection supplies ? 

Generally, yes. All your other supplies are usable. Ask your Applied Bio-Minerals representative. It is preferable to avoid direct mixture with Phosphate containing products, and with chemicals that are sensitive to certain minerals like copper. 

How are Applied Bio-Minerals Products packaged ?

Usually in 45 lbs / 20 kg pails.

Why are Applied Bio-Minerals solutions sustainable ? 




Simply because Applied Bio-Minerals has designed its products to work with nature. Applied Bio-Minerals products are designed to leverage the naturally occurring populations of micro-organisms or organized living tissues to function towards the goal of the farm operator. Microbes and living tissues manufacture fertilizing elements, breakdown food for better nutrition, and act as a protective barrier to environmental stresses. Overtime your farm operation may reach an equilibrium, which will no longer require using the same dosage of Applied Bio-Minerals products. We have many cases where Applied Bio-Minerals are no longer needed. 

Are Applied Bio-Minerals products readily available ?

Yes. Ordering early is always better as Applied Bio-Minerals needs to plan production as season's peaks. Reserve your product now.

How much do Applied Bio-Minerals products cost ?

Our goal is to increase your bottom line. Based on your objectives, our representative will establish a project with you as each project is personalized.