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Applied Bio Minerals Products for Plants

Products for Plants

Applied Bio-Minerals Liquid Plant Supplement (L.P.S) will allow aerial tissues to strengthen and help the plant resist aggression as well as perform better. Applied Bio-Minerals products restore biological balance and improve biomass synthesis. Contact us for more information for use on your specific field crops, orchards, vineyards, and green house farm. Grow more, better, cleaner, and profitably.

Nutritive mineral Solution designed for spray application.

L.P.S. 101

- Promotes plant tissues productive functions such as:

Photosynthesis, reproduction, germination, roots propagation.

- Reduces Stress due to:

Drought, pesticide application, physical aggression like cuts, hail, insects bites, stomping, frost, etc...

- Stimulates:

Re-growth and increase post-harvest quality preservation.

- Inhibits:

Microbial pressure on fragile tissues.

L.P.S. 101

- is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

- is very economical with proven results and easy to use with conventional equipment. 


Applied Bio-Minerals, Inc. provides free technical assistance for best results.